Tiffany Beason, Ph.D.


Psychology 2018

Area of Doctoral Research: Clinical/Community and Applied Social Psychology

Undergraduate Institute: Oberlin College

Research Advisor: Kenneth Maton, Ph.D.

Description of Research

My overall research aim is to identify strengths-based approaches to supporting racial/ethnic minority student achievement and positive identity formation. I am broadly interested in academic success, racial/ethnic identity, and wellbeing. I seek to understand the interplay between positive identity and academic achievement among minority scholars to inform school and community-based programs to promote academic success among underserved and/or underperforming students. My master’s thesis explores the impact of family environment on the relation between immigrant generational status and college performance and career aspirations among science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) scholars. Clinically, I am focused on providing trauma-informed psychotherapy to children, adolescents and families for the treatment of emotional and behavioral health difficulties. I identify with a holistic approach to client-care that integrates evidenced-based techniques from both cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness therapies.