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Selima Jumarali


Area of Doctoral Study: Psychology
Undergraduate Institute: University of Miami
Graduate Institute: New York University

Research Advisor: Nkiru Nnawulezi, Ph.D.

Description of Research

My research interests include investigating how oppression creates and compounds experiences of trauma for multiply marginalized communities, identifying the ways in which marginalized communities cope and are resilient, and developing interventions to support marginalized people without re-creating oppressive dynamics. I am currently exploring the effectiveness of clinical interventions implemented with LGBTQ people of color, which are limited in number, scope and application. I intend to design clinical interventions that center LGBTQ people of color and attend to the structural factors that affect them, departing from White- and Western-normative therapy designs. I aspire to conduct participatory research with LGBTQ people of color to identify their reasons for not utilizing police, what subsequent needs are left unmet and what community-based interventions can be developed or enhanced to meet those needs.