Selima Jumarali


Area of Doctoral Study: Psychology

Undergraduate Institute: University of Miami
Graduate Institute: New York University

Research Advisor: Nkiru Nnawulezi, Ph.D.

Description of Research

Selima Jumarali (she/hers) is a graduate student in the Clinical-Community Psychology PhD program at UMBC. Her research focuses on the mental health and well-being of queer and trans people of color (QTPOC), as well as on the needs and experiences of survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV). Selima has contributed to research exploring the housing needs and experiences of IPV survivors, including their experiences of housing displacement. Her thesis research is an inductive qualitative study that explores the experiences of QTPOC in identity-based matched psychotherapy arrangements, i.e., those in which clients and therapists share multiple dimensions of identity. She aspires to conduct community-based participatory research with QTPOC to address structural barriers that hinder their access to healing and mental health care, as well as to target and shift oppressive systems that create poor mental health outcomes in the first place.