Marianna Litovich, Ph.D.


Psychology 2008

Area of Doctoral Study: Human Services Psychology
Undergraduate Institution: Wesleyan University
Research Advisor: David M. Huebner, Ph.D. and Robert H. Deluty, Ph.D

Current Position: Research Manager, University of Massachusetts, Donahue Institute

Description of Research

My dissertation examines the associations among different kinds of gay men’s community involvement, sexual risk behavior, and various other psychosocial variables. Research on community involvement has typically seen involvement as a singular construct. Therefore, we have been unable to examine the different associations that varying types of involvement can have on the same outcomes – a limitation that my research explicitly addresses. Being in clinical/community psychology program has afforded me the opportunity to understand how individual and community health and wellness affect each other, which is one of the themes of my work. More generally, my professional interests are largely in LGBT communities, social welfare systems, and psychiatric and social welfare crisis. While pursuing my Ph.D. in psychology, I also completed the post-baccalaureate certificate program in Gender and Women’s Studies at UMBC.