Jade Wolfman-Charles, Ph.D.


Psychology 2009

Area of Doctoral Study: Human Services Psychology
Undergraduate Institute: University of Albany (SUNY)

Research Advisor: Dr. Lisa Jordan-Green

Current Position: Pshychologist, Veterans Administration Maryland Healthcare System

Description of Research

Jade’s research interest is in the area of substance abuse with a particular focus on community-social contexts.  Jade’s Masters thesis focused on the relationships among religiosity, depression, and substance use for African American adolescents.  For her dissertation, Jade is examining social predictors of treatment retention in a faith-based therapeutic community. Jade is currently on her pre-doctoral clinical internship at the VA Maryland Health Care System.


Sim, T., Jordan-Green, L., & Wolfman, J. (2005).  Parents’ perceptions of the role of church involvement in adolescent substance use. Journal of Religion and Health, 44, 291-301.

Sim, T., Jordan-Green, L., Lee, J., Wolfman, J., & Jahangiri, A.(2005).  Psychosocial correlates of ecstacy use initiation among college students.  American Journal of College Health, 54, 25-30.