Harriette Wimms, Ph.D.


Psychology 2008

Area of Doctoral Study: Human Services Psychology
Undergraduate Institution: Towson State University
Graduate Institution: Johns Hopkins University

Research Advisor: Anne Brodsky, Ph.D.

Current Position: Program Director, Chase Brexton Health Care, Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Program and Licensed Psychologist, The Village Family Support Center of Baltimore

Description of Research

I conduct research on individual, community and societal level risk, protection, and resilience in the lives of urban, under-served women and children. My current clinical and community/social psychology research endeavors include the utilization of qualitative and quantitative methods to investigate perceptions of diversity as risk or resilience among low-income women; the expectations, opportunities, and experiences of young, urban woman who are not teen or single mothers; alternative definitions of success and incremental growth among low/no-income women enrolled in an inner-city job training program; job retention and career success program evaluation of an education and job training and placement program for low-income women living in East Baltimore, and the multigenerational impact of such a training program on participants and families.