Geraldine Ezeka


Area of Doctoral Study: Biochemistry
Undergraduate Institute: University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Research Advisor: Richard Eckert, Ph.D.

Description of Research

The importance of methyltransferases has been shown to play a role in tumorigenesis in several cancers including squamous cell carcinoma. However, there is currently no research analyzing the role that methyltransferases play in the development of mesothelioma, a rare and aggressive cancer. My project entail studying two methyltransferases, PRMT5 and EZH2. PRMT5 coupled with its cofactor MEP50 is important in tumor formation, while EZH2 is important in cancer stem cell maintenance. My objective is to understand the mechanism of action for these enzymes in mesothelioma while also analyzing whether natural small molecules can suppress their tumorigenic effects.