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Ana Katrina Aquino


Area of Doctoral Study: Applied and Developmental Psychology
Undergraduate Institute: The Catholic University of America

Research Advisor: David Schultz, Ph.D.

Description of Research

I’m interested in prevention and intervention strategies that support early childhood education and care, particularly among families of color and immigrant families.  I hope to unpack relationships (with a cultural lens) that occur between early childhood service providers and the children/families they serve, and the implications these have on 1. quality of services and 2. family and child outcomes.  I am currently involved as a Center Specialist in the Home Visiting Training Certificate Program at UMBC that supports the professional development of federally funded home visitors in the state of Maryland.  I aspire to conduct participatory research that will promote equity, empower others, and inform systems on how to best support and protect early childhood experiences for these historically marginalized communities.