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Current IMSD Meyerhoff Graduate Fellows (91)

Biological Sciences (UMBC – 6)

Estela Monge
Maraki Negesse
Cecelia Garcia
John Fenimore
Timothy Hufford
Devonique Brissett

Molecular Medicine (UMB – 10)

Tierra Johnson
Camilo Vanegas
Haikel Bogale
Jonelle Lee
Kevin Herold
Christian Kinney 
Abanoub Gad
Talia Guardia
Brittany Hazzard
Sarah Talamentez-Lyburn

Microbiology and Immunology (UMB -5)

Ashley Mitchell
Jackline Joy Lasola
Gillian Mbambo
Ellis Tibbs
Adrienne Kambouris

Neuroscience (UMB – 6)

Janell Payano Sosa
Jason Alipio
Lace Riggs
Soad Elziny
Antonio Figueiredo
Daniela Franco

Gerontology (UMBC & UMB – 3)

Roberto Millar
Eugenie Stephenson
Jennifer Kirk

Electrical Engineering (UMBC – 2)

Isaac Basaldua
Janerra Allen

Epidemiology and Human Genetics (UMB – 4)

Emily Stucke
Albert Zhou
Timileyin Adediran
Christina Stennett

Chemistry (UMBC – 8)

Nopondo Ndoh Esemoto
Erin Laurel Kennedy
Denise Nicole Williams
Chanda Lowrance
Patricia Boyd
Giraso “Monia” Kabandana
Mona Layegh
Kayry Segarra

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (UMBC – 2  & UMB – 5)

Canessa Swanson
Geraldine Ezeka
Anicca Harriot
McKayla Mickle
Lucia Rodriguez
Karndeep Singh
Saif Yasin

Chemical, Biochemical and Environmental Engineering (6)

Marilyn Allen
Zahra Ghassemi
Joel Tyson
Michael Fleming
Christopher Williams
Zach Sheffield

Mechanical Engineering (UMBC – 4)

Timothy Munuhe
Hector Medina
Nathanael Seay
Karla Negrete

Psychology (UMBC – 18)

Patricia Esparza
Rukiya Wideman
Shelter Bamu
Breanna Holloway
Rupsha Singh
Eduardo Alsina
Taylor Darden
Ana Maldonado
Jason Ashe
Peter MacIver
Munazza Abraham
Selima Jumarali
Nicole Telfer
Ana Katrina Aquino
Fran Alfonzo
Geoffrey Harrison
Jordan Lankford
Jabarey Wells

Pharmaceutical Science (UMB – 11)

Alecia Thomas
Ramon Martinez
Ebehiremen Ayewoh
Tyree Wilson
Dante’ Johnson
Jorge Marquez
Yulemni Morel
Brianna Scotland
Raquel Shortt
Elizabeth Robinson
Nicholas Montes

Computer Science (UMBC – 1)

Adegboyega Akinsiku


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