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SkillSoft Spotlight Course of the Week ~ For Supervisors

Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

June 17, 2020 10:10 AM

SkillSoft Spotlights focus on just-in-time online learning to help you more masterfully manage yourself personally and professionally, improve your effectiveness in managing your work, and support you in skillfully leading your teams. Each course is 30 minutes or less and is curated to provide tools, strategies, and practices to accelerate your success.

This week's spotlight course is Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Workplace (25 min)

Ensuring a diverse, welcoming, and productive organization means overcoming biases. No matter who you are, you are prey to unconscious biases. To be part of a complex, diverse workplace, you must take steps to overcome them.
In this course, you'll learn to recognize how superficial differences can contribute to bias and lead to prejudice and social stereotypes. You'll learn specific tactics for combatting unconscious bias and adopting an anti-bias approach. You'll also learn how to be an inclusive leader by using these tactics to overcome explicit and implicit bias across the organization and in the hiring process.

Participants will learn to:
  • identify the types of differences that can contribute to unconscious bias in an organization
  • recognize subtle signs of unconscious bias in an organization
  • recognize examples of micro-affirmations in the workplace
  • recognize how to lead an organization to overcome unconscious bias
  • identify strategies for overcoming unconscious bias in the hiring process
  • recognize systems that can be put in place to combat organizational bias
  • recognize tactics for overcoming organizational biases

Using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, Login to SkillPortusing your FULL UMBC email address for both the username and password boxes.

Once logged in, simply type the name of the course in the search bar. 

Need Login Assistance? Email to set up your account and to help with login difficulties. UMBC faculty and staff accounts are set up within 1 month of hire.


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