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SkillSoft Spotlight Course of the Week ~ For Employees

Beating Procrastination by Boosting Your Creativity & Drive

May 27, 2020 9:04 AM

SkillSoft Spotlights focus on just-in-time online learning that supports you in navigating complex challenges in personal and professional life, helps you to increase your effectiveness, and to improve your relationships. Each course is 30 minutes or less and is curated to provide tools, strategies, and practices to accelerate your success.

This week's spotlight course is Beating Procrastination by Boosting Your Creativity and Drive (19 min)

Everyone could benefit from a boost in creativity. Whether you're in marketing and advertising, management, or software development, all professionals need to be able to come up with original ideas and think outside the box every now and then. But sometimes the pressure to think creatively is the very thing that blocks the flow of fresh ideas and results in the type of procrastination that is an obstacle to efficient time management. This course focuses on the relationship between procrastinating and creativity.

You'll learn about how the optimal amount of procrastination actually boosts creativity and efficiency. You'll also learn how to use creativity boosters to help you past those times when you procrastinate a little too much.

Participants will learn to:
  • describe the optimal amount of procrastination that a person should strive for
  • recognize strategies for overcoming personal tendencies and conditions that inhibit creativity
  • identify activities that promote creativity during a period of procrastination
  • use collaboration as a way to boost creativity and overcome procrastination
  • overcome procrastination by using techniques to take charge of your life
Using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, Login to SkillPortusing your FULL UMBC email address for both the username and password boxes.

Once logged in, simply type the name of the course in the search bar. 

Need Login Assistance? Email to set up your account and to help with login difficulties. UMBC faculty and staff accounts are set up within 1 month of hire.


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