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First IMSD Meyerhoff Graduate Hired to Teach at UMBC!

Dr. Tashauna Felix/ Adjunct Lecturer - An Unpaved Path

February 10, 2015 5:31 PM

Dr. Tashauna Felix earned her undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from Bennett College in North Carolina.  Tashauna entered UMBC in 2003 in the M.S. program in Applied Molecular Biology (APMB) an intensive 9-month Master’s Degree program.  Upon completion of the AMB program, Tashauna was encouraged to continue on to the Ph.D.  Tashauna began her PhD in Biological Sciences in 2004.  As a doctoral student, Tashauna worked in the laboratory of Dr. Jeff Leips where her research focused on understanding the genetic basis of the age related changes in the immune response using drosophila melanogaster.  Upon completion of her doctoral degree in 2010, Tashauna remained in the Leips lab for almost a year.  Later, Tashauna was offered a position on UMBC’s campus with the “new” UMBC iCubed Program, an NSF funded study examining the relative effectiveness of four student success interventions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  While working with the iCubed program, Tashauna also taught Anatomy and Physiology at the Community College of Baltimore County  (CCBC).  In August 2014, while Tashauna was considering her next career move, Tashauna was offered an Adjunct Lecturer position in the Biological Sciences Department.  What was most exciting about this offer is that the course that Dr. Felix would teach (Approaches to Molecular Biology – BIOL 626) is a course that she thoroughly enjoyed as a Master’s student!  Less than a week later, Tashauna was offered a full-time faculty position at the Community College of Baltimore (CCBC). Dr. Felix has already conveyed that she will pursue research positions in the next year or two.

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